The GfS Cover mechanically secures emergency exit and window handles. In case of emergency the cover is removed. The pins of the patented red upper plates break and the cover falls to the ground. The GfS Cover, which is made of Makrolon, can be reused. Only the red upper plates have to be replaced.

It is possible to equip the GfS Cover with an optional acoustic alarm. The alarm can be forwarded to a central alarm panel. Doors and windows which need to be used from time to time may be equipped with a GfS Cover Opener.


The GfS Cover, made of Makrolon, was tested by TÜV Thüringen GmbH. It fulfills the requirements defined by ARGE Bau (where regional German construction laws are coordinated) e.g. max force to remove the GfS Cover, ability to remove the cover without the risk to be injured, transparent design. The ARGE-Bau confirmed in a letter the suitability of the GfS Cover for escape routes.

However, as GfS Covers need to be removed before the door can be opened they do not comply with the  ”one-hand-operation“ requirement of EN179 and EN 1125.


  • Transparent, unbreakable Makrolon with defined break pins
  • Easy installation without wiring
  • Effective deterrent
  • Reusable

From the GfS training film "Safe escape route"
GfS Cover

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