The GfS DEXCON® offers a simple and cost effective solution to reduce the abuse of emergency exits. Adopting the universally recognised “no entry” sign, the GfS DEXCON® is a visually effective deterrent which is supported by an acoustic alarm of 90 dBs. The GfS DEXCON® is completely self-contained and easy to install. It offers a wide range of electronic features to configure the product to the specific needs of the customer. The GfS DEXCON® is also available for application with panic bars, push bars and multipoint locking systems. Whilst most of the features are identical for each of these applications, the GfS DEXCON® for panic bars and push bars have an integrated pre-alarm. Ultimately, in the event of an emergency, means of escape can also be obtained by exiting via the emergency exit door.

Installation on door leaf

Installation next to door – external cable reed contact

Installation above door – external cable reed contact

Installation on door leaf


  • Visually effective deterrent
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Automatic alarm switch-off (after 30 sec. or 180 sec.)
  • Two different audible levels (75 dBs/90 dBs)
  • Delay alarm to ensure that emergency exit doors are not left open  
  • Automatic reset
  • Connections are provided to allow connection to remote systems
  • Certificates available

From the GfS training film "Safe escape route"

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