The innovative GfS e-Bar® combines the mechanical features of a traditional touch bar (acc. to EN 1125) with the electronic features of our emergency exits solutions. With its highly visible LED display the emergency exit can easily be found even when the escape route is full of smoke.The alarm can be sent to a central display through analog signals or an integrated MODBUS interface. The GfS e-Bar® is either mains sup­plied or battery operated. It incorporates additional features such as “door-left-open-alarm” alarm, automatic alarm switch-off and battery monitoring. Please note that the GfS e-Bar® is used together with certified panic locks. We are happy to supply you with the complete package.


The emergency exit is alarm secured. With mains supply the communicating display shines green. In case of battery operation the GfS e-Bar® works in an energy saving mode without background light.


While gently pressing the GfS e-Bar® a visual red LED light and acoustic pre-alarm are triggered which stop as soon as the GfS e-Bar® is released.


When pressing the GfS e-Bar® to its end stop, it is possible to pass through the door. The communicating display shines green and a permanent acoustic alarm (95dB) is triggered.


Authorized staff can deactivate the GfS e-Bar® for single use without triggering an alarm by turning the integrated key switch. Alternatively it is possible to bypass the GfS e-Bar® by opening the door with a key. In the single release mode a “door-left-open-alarm” is activated after 10 sec. in order to notify the staff that the door has not been closed.


By using the integrated key switch the emergency exit can be deactivated for a longer period of time. The brightness of the LEDs is raising and lowering. No alarm will be triggered when passing through the door.


  • Elegant solution to secure emergency exits
  • Communicating display
  • Can be integrated into master key systems
  • Certified acc. to EN 1125

From the GfS training film "Safe escape route"

Check our youtube tutorials and find out more about the GfS e-Bar® with informative application examples.