The GfS e-Cover® is a tough protective cover that can easily be installed over a range of call points and other devices to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse. The GfS e-Cover® can also be fitted with an integral battery powered alarm that when lifted emits an ear piercing 90dB pre-alarm warning the user that the device is for emergency use only and should not be tampered with.

In its red form it is commonly installed over fire alarm call points to protect the break glass from deliberate misuse. This subsequently reduces the incidents of false fire alarms.

GfS e-Cover® Type A
GfS e-Cover® Type B
Überdehnung des Scharniers ist auch bei Aufputzmontage nicht möglich
GfS e-Cover® splash-proof version


  • Designed for ease of installation for on-wall and in-wall wired call points
  • Slim, aesthetical pleasing housing designed for rough environments
  • Battery powered 90 dB alarm available with low battery warning LED
  • A breakable seal can be fitted to create an additional visable detterant
  • Available in different colours and sizes

From the GfS training film "Safe escape route"
GfS e-Cover®

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