The GfS Exit Control 179/1125 is an effective deterrent which complies with the requirements of European norms. By pulling down the door handle the GfS Exit Control 179/1125 is forced down as well. The door opens, an acoustic alarm is triggered. The alarm can only be reseted by an authorised person. If somebody wants to walk through the emergency exit door without triggering an alarm, the door will have to be opened by key. With a key it is possible to move the GfS Exit Control 179/1125 into a position in which it is not interfering with the door handle.


The door is alarm secured. In case of emergency the door can be opened with one motion.


By pushing the door handle down a permanent alarm is triggered. The door can be passed. To reset the alarm the GfS Exit Control needs to be moved into the alarm secured position with a key.


Authorized staff bypasses the GfS Exit Control with a key to open the door.


By turning the key clockwise the GfS Exit Control 179/1225 can be moved into a position in which the door handle doesn’t trigger an alarm when being used.


When gently pushing down the door handle, an alarm is triggered which stops as soon as the door handle is released. Only when the door handle is brought to its end stop, is a permanent acoustic alarm triggered.


It is possible to send an alarm signal (and the deactivation of the GfS Exit Control) to a flashing light or central display by radio Transmission.


  • Effective deterrent as it is installed underneath the door handle
  • Robust, metal cased housing
  • Easy to install on any kind of door – no wiring required
  • No tampering as housing can only be opened with a key
  • Can be integrated into master key systems
  • Certified solution

From the GfS training film "Safe escape route"
GfS Exit Control

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